We won’t poodle your doodle

Sherry Knowles

owner & opperator

Grooming has been my livelihood since I was 15 years old. Even when I started my own company unrelated to grooming services, I had still done it on the side and all the while getting referrals from all around the country for my professional pet grooming. I finally gave into my passions in 2018 and opened Waggin and Braggin Pet Spa® where we provide the best in premium spa services for your furry loved ones!

All type of grooming for dogs of any breed, cats, bunnies and exotic pets.

Includes a pre-groom, a warm water baths, blow dry, full body styling, eyes and ears cleaned and nail clip.

Our mini groom includes a trim up hair cut), a bath after which your pet’s hair is fluffed and dried, a nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression.

No matter if your little one is recovering from an accident/surgery, or they have a skin condition, take advantage of the medical baths we offer to comfort and soothe them.

Add the most adorable touch we have to offer at the end of your pet’s spa day!

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